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Step-by-step installation guide

Nvidia finally decided to release an updated version of its proprietary video driver for Linux systems, one that supports the controversial XServer 1.5, which is present in bleeding-edge distributions, such as Fedora 9. Ok, so this tutorial is here to help actual and future Fedora 9 users to install the video drivers for their graphics cards and, as a bonus from Softpedia, a nice step-by-step AWN installation guide, assuming you have a fresh Fedora 9 installation with the GNOME desktop environment.

Step 1 - Install the Livna repository

First of all, make sure your system is up to date, then install the Livna repository like this:

Open a terminal (Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal)...

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...and switch to root (system administrator) with the following command:

su -

Type the root password (the one you have set up when you've installed Fedora). Then, as root, type:

rpm -ivhU http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-9.rpm

Now that the Livna repository is installed, you can continue with the driver installation part.

Step 2 - Install the Nvidia drivers

I presume you did not close the Terminal window; if you did close it, fire it up again from Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal, log in as root and type:

yum -y install kmod-nvidia

To verify if the installation was successfully completed, reboot your computer, log back in, open up the terminal (Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal) and type:

glxinfo | grep direct

If the output of the above command is: direct rendering: Yes the Nvidia driver installation was successfully completed and you can now use OpenGL applications and desktop effects such as Compiz Fusion.

Step 3 - Install the Avant Windown Navigator (AWN)

First of all, let's make sure that the desktop effects are working. Go to System -> Preferences -> Look and Feel -> Desktop Effects and enable them.

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Now open again the terminal from Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal and type or paste the following command as root:

yum -y install avant-window-navigator awn-extras-applets

Step 4 - Start and configure AWN

Start AWN from Applications -> Accessories -> Avant Window Navigator.

WARNING: Be aware that AWN will appear over your bottom GNOME panel, therefore you should delete the panel before launching AWN!

Start AWN from Applications -> Accessories -> Avant Window Navigator.

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...and voila, AWN on Fedora 9!

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For the Avant Window Navigator to automatically appear every time you log-in, open the Sessions program from System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions...

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On the "Startup Programs" tab, click the 'Add' button and fill the fields like in the image below.

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That's all folks! Have a nice and modern Fedora desktop